Every fabric is selected carefully considering sustainability and longevity, the quality and the way it will age.

Organic Cotton
Most of our cotton is certified organic cotton from a family-run mill in India where only small batches of 100 to 300 metres are made at once. In their artisan process it is very hands-on, yarns are dyed by hand and the weaving is done by hand on small power looms or handlooms.

Made of eucalyptus trees, Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics. Manufacturing Tencel requires less energy and water than cotton. As a naturally derived fibre, Tencel is also biodegradable. The closed-loop production process means harmful waste is minimised. It’s breathable, absorbs moisture better than cotton and is soft on the skin.

Organic Bamboo
Bamboo fabric is luxuriously soft on skin and is naturally hypoallergenic, moisture-absorbent and quick drying. It is warm yet breathable so good for all temperatures. Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo grass. We use organically grown bamboo fabrics that carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. Bamboo materials require less washing than most cotton and are 100% recyclable. The process utilises a ‘closed-loop’ system where all chemicals used are recycled and used again and again.

Silk is the strongest of natural fibres, is highly absorbent and dries quickly. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp so will absorb perspiration while letting your skin breathe. Silk is a truly season-less fabric as it is cool in summer and warm in winter.


We recommend hand washing in cold water. If you wish to machine wash, use the shortest spin cycle and 30ºC works best to prevent shrinkage and colour fading. Always separate your colours. Silk garments can be hand-washed. Dry cleaning is recommended for all jackets and coats.


Hang garments to dry, the garment will hold its shape. If necessary, press with a warm setting on an iron. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Hanging your garment in the bathroom during a shower can help remove the wrinkles for you from gentle natural humidity,


All Fronté pieces are designed, developed, and sampled by the designer, Jiyun, in her London studio. Deceptively simple shapes are the result of a lengthy experiment on pattern cutting and draping, reducing down to fewer seams in better places.


Dedicated to fair production in England, we are supporting the local community, the trades and skills for tailoring and manufacturing. All Fronté garments are made in a local sewing studio based in East London founded by a Japanese born garment maker who is incredibly talented. We have been working together since the very start of Fronté and he and his team are an integral part of our business, bringing the highest possible standards regarding construction details and tailoring that the high street couldn’t afford. We make our garments to keep, through special long-lasting finishing techniques such as bindings, french seams and welt seams.

The details matter, truly.

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